Avoid Procrastination


 Television is exciting and very attractive to children especially when they have many favourite programs on different channels. It becomes an addiction and time waster in their lives. However, not having time to spend with your children increases their time in front of that screen because no one is trying to correct them. They neglect their books for this purpose and follow the routine of eating, watch TV, and sleeping. As a parent, do not make work too important to you that you forget to take responsibilities for your children. Do not make it a taboo for your children to watch the television but add moderation to it. Carefully select educative channels for your children at an early stage of their lives instead of exposing them to some channels that promote violence. Get them to read their books at some specific time of the day instead of watching the television all day long. Dedicate time to help them with their studies because this will help them concentrate more. You could read to them, help them solve difficult assignments and teach them how to do so rather than neglect them and leave them to do things the way it pleases them.

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